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Revere Local Schools

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The Revere Local Schools currently offer a number of ways for parents and other community members to learn about the school district. The District values community relations and communicating with all segments of the community is one of the highest priorities for the administration and Board of Education.
Website: The school Web site provides in-depth information about all aspects of the school district. This interactive tool contains the most up-to-date information about what is happening in the district. In addition, the site directly links parents to teachers, the classroom and student performance. Administrative, departmental and Board of Education information is also available on the site. Other important school information, such as, community groups, and State and Federal School data, is provided through web links. 
Community Newsletter: A  newsletter is prepared by the District and mailed to all residences each trimester. This newsletter is geared to all with an emphasis on sharing achievements, challenges, objective, state and federal educational issues with community members who do not currently have students in our District.
Revere Reaches Out: This one page communications tool appears periodically in issues of local magazines and addresses timely issues and events.
RS22 TV: The Revere Local Schools has limited coverage of a variety of school events, including athletics, concerts and other special programs that are filmed, edited and aired by students. Additionally, RS22 is used as a text messaging system to list contact information, lunch menus and other current events.
Blackboard Connect: Blackboard Connect is a high speed phone calling  an/or email service that is used to deliver messages to multiple phone lines simultaneously.. This system is used when the district needs to reach parents/guardians to relay information of a timely nature, i.e., school closures, weather related issues and/or general announcements specific to a building, etc. 
School Calendar of Activities: A school district monthly calendar of activities is maintained on the Website.
Press Releases, News Tips, Photo Opportunities and Photographs: The Revere Local Schools Communication Specialist works with local media to provide weekly, monthly and yearly information to area news media.

Jennifer Reece,
Communications Specialist

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