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Interested in Becoming a Substitute Teacher in our District?

The Revere Local School District has changed their affiliation to the Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County.  As part of that change the Northcoast Shared Services Alliance will be recruiting, training and doing the payroll for all of our substitute teachers.  NCSSA is comprised of the ESC of CC, the ESC of Medina County and Rachel Wixey and Associates.  
If you subbed for us in previous years, or wish to sub for us now, you will need to contact the NCSSA and register with them.  You will fill out an application, provide identification for payroll purposes, fill out payroll forms, etc.  They will completely handle your enrollment and compensation as a substitute teacher.
Please go to www.northcoastssa.org and begin the process!  Should you have any questions please contact Cari Wiley at the Medina ESC by calling 330-723-6393 Ext. 140.   
Last Modified on December 9, 2015
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